Connecting Ireland's Internet of Things
with the power of Sigfox


Facility Management - resource monitoring


Smart agriculture


Solar-powered asset tracking


Asset tracking and facilities management


Livestock monitoring and gate security


Medical technology and assisted living


Connecting Ireland’s
Internet of Things

Using Sigfox technology, VT provides an affordable, energy-efficient and simple network for the sensors and devices that make up the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn more about our technology.

Low Power

Our network is the most energy efficient on the market, allowing device batteries to last up to 300 times longer than those using traditional networks, such as cellular and wifi.

Low Cost

VT is the most affordable way to power an IoT device in Ireland, with connectivity costs that are as much as 10 times lower than traditional cellular networks.

Long Range

The network is nationwide, including +50km out to sea, and has deep indoor and underground coverage in most areas.

Reliable & Secure

Our network has built-in redundancies and security. Unlike other solutions, it can’t be compromised by cell signal jammers.

What can VT connect?

A wheat field symbolizing that IoT solutions can be used in agritech


Sigfox can be used to connect everything from environmental sensors and livestock tracking to security systems and fuel tank monitoring.

Cork city in Ireland, representing that VT can power smart city IoT solutions

Smart Cities

As more of the world’s population moves into urban areas, smart cities will be critical in ensuring efficiency and quality of life. Sensors that measure air quality, the status of the sewer system and more can be connected with Sigfox.

Boxes on a conveyor belt in a factory, representing that VT Network can connect IoT devices that assist in business and industrial operations.


IoT can help streamline industry from end to end. Sensors can monitor the status of equipment and provide the data to perform preventative maintenance, while valuable assets in the supply train can be tracked.

A medical device representing that VT Networks can connect medical IoT


Sigfox-enabled devices can help in medicine and assisted living. Watches that can detect falls and track the location of vulnerable people can help them to stay in their homes longer, while giving family members peace of mind.

A water meter representing that VT Networks can connect different utility meters using IoT


Smart energy meters can help ensure accurate billing, but also help users and companies conserve by providing valuable data. Sigfox sensors in the electrical grid can help prevent faults and ensure their prompt repair.


Sigfox helps to enable the smart home revolution with practical solutions that range from connected, jam-resistant security systems to simple leak detection.

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