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Born in Dublin Ireland in 2014 as an IoT company, we are disruptive innovators digitally transforming tier 1 enterprises through our innovative hardware, connectivity and software technologies.

We are one of the leading climate tech solution specialists in Europe, experienced in delivering global, scalable, device-to-cloud solutions across multiple territories and multiple technologies.

Our ability to attract and retain tier 1 enterprise clients is testament to our unique combination of innovative technology and unrivalled IoT expertise

Our client base is across EU, UK and USA

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How it Works?

VT’s Primary expertise is delivering NetZero Grid visibility digital transformation solutions

01 Tag the asset

Scavenger Next Gen Monitoring Device

Our portfolio of patent pending, next generation, industrialized, low-cost IoT sensors address the most compelling business cases for our enterprise customers. Our sensor hardware is designed and built for scale

02 Connect

Multi-Channel Wireless Comms

We are experts in wireless communications. Our solutions incorporate the most cutting-edge connectivity technologies that give us global reach and optimal connectivity in hard-to-reach locations

IOT Octopus

03 Visualise

OctopusAnalytics & AI Cloud Platform

Octopus™ is our transformative software, the key ingredient in our end-to-end solution. It utilises advanced modelling to provide Power Utilities with the decision analytics they need to upgrade and mange their networks on the march to Net Zero.

The first step in the transformation journey is to understand the problem intimately. Octopus turns the asset digital, visualises the data and allows you to make sense of the problem so it can be controlled and solved.

Octopus is a highly customised solution which is built to change organisational behaviours based on your precise and unique needs. It ensures reporting and communication is automated and tailored to drive change and deliver measurable return on investment.

Whether correcting supply chain inefficiencies, enabling new areas of postal tracking, or monitoring electricity transformer health (among other applications), Octopus will help reshape your business. Once implemented, transformation happens naturally. Octopus quickly becomes a vital part of your operation enabling simple automation and management of your assets. Our expertise in solving complex asset monitoring issues for large scale enterprise globally is built upon the quality of our cloud solutions. Octopus is IS0270001 certified and built for scale.