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GirlCrew: The Internet of Things Explained

By September 1, 2016Media

VT Networks sat down with GirlCrew to talk about the Internet of Things

Source: GirlCrew

“Here at GirlCrew HQ we love to be in the know, and learn more about the changing landscapes around us. We live in a fascinating age where jobs and ideas are emerging that would have been unfathomable even a decade ago. Coined back in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, the Internet of Things refers to the network of physical devices – cars, appliances, etc – that have been enhanced by software to enable them to share information and data with each other. This may all sound a little space age, but it’s the reality we are living in today. With the rapid development of tech these developments are accelerating, so we sat down with Heather McLean, of VT Networks, to find out the inside scoop.”

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