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After a few morning meetings, VT CEO Mark Bannon popped out to a company car, but instead he was met with an empty space. The car had disappeared.

Pretty sure there was a car here…

First, he called VT COO Will Ferguson, who said he had seen the car parked there earlier in the morning. They were on the verge of calling the guards when Ferguson remembered there is a Stickntrack GPS tracker stashed in the vehicle.

The tracker, made by Sensolus, sends periodic GPS co-ordinates when it detects movement, using VT’s Sigfox network to communicate that information to the cloud. VT staff members regularly test out Sigfox-enabled devices, and the Stickntrack was still hidden in the vehicle.

Back in the office, they logged onto the Stickntrack interface, and sure enough, the car had been moved. They were able to pinpoint its location, and went to investigate.

The Stickntrack GPS tracker interface, which was used to locate a missing car.

Thanks to the Stickntrack, VT staff were able to figure out that the car had been towed to a nearby street, along with about half a dozen others.

The car was recovered only 20 minutes after Bannon first discovered it was missing. Thankfully it had been towed (oops), not stolen. Turns out ‘Dude, where’s my car?’ would have been a much shorter movie with the help of this simple device.

To find out more about the Stickntrack, email us at info@vt-iot.com.