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LouisVuitton selects Sigfox for global luggage tracking

By May 22, 2018Blog

Early adopters, LouisVuitton, have incorporated new Monarch technology to offer their customers useful trackers to keep tabs on their luggage while flying around the world. Connected luggage notifications are sent straight to the user’s smartphone after landing, tracking where their luggage is and even if it has been opened on its journey.

For those looking to travel with the most expensive and fashionable luggage, things just got a little more technical. The new must have, along with peace of mind, is the Echo; this Sigfox luggage tracker is designed for the Louis Vuitton, Horizon range. The French fashion house has released the new hi-tech product, in collaboration with Sigfox, via the Louis Vuitton website, which also sells its famous luggage bags for prices ranging from €2,000 to €4,000, the Echo can be purchased for €250.

First announced World IoT Expo last September, Monarch is now available in major international airports enabling Sigfox devices to roam seamlessly in all parts of the world, by automatically recognising and adapting to the local radio frequency’s standards.

Sigfox, the leading IoT service provider, and Louis Vuitton, the most iconic luxury brand in the world, have announced the release of a luggage tracker using Sigfox technology. Exclusively available with the Louis Vuitton Horizon luggage range, it allows passengers to track their checked luggage in major airports, even while travelling between different countries.

The tracking device is the first to include Sigfox’s Monarch service. As global operations are split into four geographical zones, the use of Monarch unlocks endless applications in logistics and supply chain, the consumer market, and automated maintenance for the shipping, aircraft and railway industries.

Asset tracking is the most important vertical in the massive IoT industry and Monarch represents a major breakthrough. This project is the first commercialized application of many millions that will be developed in the coming years. Sigfox’s unique value proposition is currently the only one allowing this kind of use case: a global network combined with a simple technology based on cost efficiency and low-energy consumption.

The luggage tracker is available as an additional accessory for the Horizon 50, 55 and 70 models and can easily be clipped into a pocket within the suitcase. Extremely easy to use, its low energy consumption ensures a battery life of up to six months.

For additional information about the list of airports where the Monarch service is available, check here

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