VT_IOT Automation


Octopus solves your immediate asset management challenges and results in long-term IoT automation and digital transformation.

Octopus is fully cloud based and ISO27001 rated ensuring reliability, scalability and robustness.

Octopus processes, analyses & transforms your data with intuitive visualisation solving your business problems. The raw data is extracted from multiple sources and cloud infrastructures, resulting in automated actions which optimise business processes, reduce costs and create new revenue streams.

Our sales and development teams work very closely with our enterprise clients to customise and fine tune Octopus making it agile, adaptable and responsive to changing needs.


In combination with our portfolio of next generation hardware and IoT connectivity, Octopus enables digital transformation of business and operations, creating new revenue streams, reducing costs and significantly improving operational efficiencies.

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Octopus Features

Let Octopus take control of your operations and solve the difficulties you face.
Octopus Features

Octopus features:

Multi sensor integration
Multi connectivity integration
ISO27001 rated
Automated reporting
Highly customised reporting engine based on users specific needs


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