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In 2014, Securitas Direct connected more than one million home security systems in Spain and France to the SIGFOX network in order to provide anti-jamming capability. In some cases, they were able to introduce the connectivity through an over-the-air upgrade, which prevented any disruption for the end user. The introduction of SIGFOX connectivity makes Securitas the most robust security system on the market. Since then, 600,000 new SIGFOX-enabled security systems have been sold through a partnership between Securitas Direct, and mobile operator Telefonica.


The Challenge

  • Traditional security systems, run on GSM networks, can be easily jammed with widely available devices

  • Some systems fail when power or phone lines are cut

  • Many systems require expensive monthly subscriptions


Fire Detection

Intrusion Detection

SOS Button

Vehicle Tracking

The Irish Solution

Pipletz is a multi-piece security system that can provides door and window monitoring, motion detectors, video and more. An optional GPS tracker can create the ideal system for camper vans and other mobile homes. It is similar to the unit that is now available in other areas of Europe, and is expected to hit the Irish market in 2017. 

The system uses the SIGFOX network, Bluetooth and WiFi or 3G connectivity to provide a complete security system at low cost. SIGFOX connectivity ensures the system can’t be jammed by the common devices that traditional systems are vulnerable to.

Motorhomes parked along the road, which can be tracked using IoT GPS devices

Alarms can be triggered when: 

  • Radio jamming is detected
  • Primary or secondary signal is lost
  • Intrusion is detected
  • Smoke is detected
  • SOS button is triggered
  • Opening or closing is detected on windows
  • Air quality, when it leaves a preset range
  • Temperature, when it leaves a preset range
  • When the system is tampered with

With the optional tracker:

  • Vehicle surpasses kilometre usage limit
  • Vehicle passes usage time limit
  • Unauthorized day usage detected


Security and Reliability

SIGFOX signals cannot be jammed with devices that traditional systems are vulnerable to, and always sends redundant messages to ensure they are received. Most areas are covered by three or more base stations, and each message is sent in triplicate to create a robust network connection.

Strong Indoor Network Connection

Since the network operates on a low-frequency radio wave, it allows for excellent indoor operation of devices, which is ideal for security systems. Other SIGFOX devices have even been able to operate underground.

Low Power

SIGFOX requires very little power to operate and is the most energy-efficient connectivity option available in Ireland. This, along with sensors that sleep until they are activated, allows for years of battery life with only AA and AAA batteries.



The rollout of SIGFOX connectivity to existing alarms and brand new SIGFOX-enabled systems in Spain and France provided customers with unprecedented security. Signal jammers are now in wide usage by criminals, and are extremely effective against traditional alarm systems. Having a SIGFOX connection prevents this jamming, and Pipletz even detects jamming attempts and will trigger an alarm.

In addition to enhanced security, Pipletz provides users with an affordable solution with low subscription fees.


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