VTs Asset Tracking Technology, Powered by the Sigfox IoT Network, Empowers Farmers with an Affordable way to Defend Against Crime.

Any farmer who has experienced theft knows that sinking feeling when you discover someone has stolen your property. This is followed by the realisation that there is little chance of recovery. As the rates of rural crime continue to rise, stolen property can have a significant impact on the already stretched resources of Irish Farmers.

In some areas, up to 74% of farmers have experienced theft, trespassing or
vandalism on their property. Farms are some of the most difficult sites to protect. Their remoteness means they are easy targets for thieves and their sheer size limits security options, making them expensive and complicated to secure.

Thieves steal quads, trailers, tractors, tools or anything of value and make a quick getaway. For farmers that have been hit multiple times, with limited options to prevent further thefts, this is extremely frustrating and causes constant worry.

Although Insurance covers most of the cost of replacement, the downtime caused by being without essential equipment can’t be compensated for. All of this compounds the stress, hassle and loss of earnings as a result of theft. A solution to this problem is long overdue.

Protect Against Farm Theft & Track your Assets with VT IoT Low-Cost Low-Power Technology

VT are a 100% Irish owned company who operate the nationwide low-power Internet of Things (IoT) network. Our office is based in Glasnevin, Dublin but our network and our solutions are available and already in use in all 32 counties. We process over 1 million IoT messages per month in Ireland and are eager to support farmers by providing a solution to rural crime.

VT’s SticknTrack is already in use on farms by buying groups across the country to protect assets against theft. This no fuss, low-cost tracker alerts you if your asset is being stolen and tracks the location so it can be recovered.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Easy Self-Installation (simply attach the device to your asset)
  • Ultra-long battery life (up to 5 years)
  • Waterproof, Strong & Secure (rated IP68 & IP69k)
  • View and control multiple assets via one easy to use central web app
  • Low cost solutionDot on map tracking and alerts on our easy to use website
  • No sim cards or set up – works out of the box

How it works

This discreet device is powered by ultra-long life batteries and can be hidden on or within the asset such as a quad, trailer, tractor or other equipment.

As soon as it’s attached to the asset it will send it’s precise GPS position to your account on our web application. You can log in anytime to see the location and journey history of your asset. Over the next 5 years, the tracker will continue to update its position when the asset moves and stops.

You can set up alerts and receive emails if any asset moves when it shouldn’t or leaves a designated zone.

It’s very easy to use: the tracker works out of the box. Simply stick it to your asset and track. There is no need for sim cards. We will send you an email with a link to login to our platform from any device so you can monitor your assets at any time.

VT provide full support to help get you set up ensuring you have peace of mind knowing that your assets are protected.

Battery life is up to 5 years and can be monitored on the platform. You will be notified by email well in
advance when batteries need to be replaced.

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