VT offers $2 Sigfox-enabled modules to qualified buyers


Low Cost

• USD $2 Wisol modules available to qualified buyers in EMEA
• Available for ETSI, FCC and other zones
• Module specification are royalty free
• 3-5x less than LoRa modules
• 20x less than LTE cellular modules

Mix and Match Tech

• Different tech configurations available
• Sigfox only – now available
• Sigfox, wifi, Bluetooth LE, GPS, accelerometer available together on modules or in different variations
• Sigfox certified and have passed major type approvals

Accelerate the Ecosystem

• Low-cost modules lower barrier to IoT adoption and wide-scale rollout
• Using low-cost module is fastest route to market
• Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) solutions market set to grow 90% annually to $24.5 billion by 2021
• Modules have same PIN-out across regions, simplifying the design for global devices
• Low-cost modules for all regions to be available in 2017

Sigfox-only Module Specs

Size: 13.0×15.0x2.21mm
Chipset: AX-SFEU-1-01/ ON Semiconductor
Tx Freq./ Data rate: 868.13MHz/ 100bps
Rx Freq./ Data rate: 869.525MHz/ 600bps
Tx Output power: +14dBm(max)
Rx Sensitivity: -127dBm@600bps
Current: @+3.3V
Tx: 60mA(max), Rx: 15mA(max)
Input Voltage: +1.8V~+3.6V


How to access this program

Register your interest by emailing info@vt-iot.com.
Sigfox and VT will select qualified buyers to participate in the low-cost module program.

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Low-cost Sigfox module made by Wisol


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