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Stolen livestock can have a significant impact on the already stretched resources of Ireland’s farmers, but with VT’s new affordable and low-maintenance gate monitoring system — expected to hit the market in 2017 — farmers can protect their animals and equipment from thieves.

In 2015, a single incident in County Westmeath resulted in the theft of 100 animals valued at €100,000. Such thefts can be emotionally devastating and wipe out years of work put into building a herd. The theft of farm equipment and trailers has also emerged as a problem across the country.

That’s why VT’s new monitoring system notifies farmers when their gate is opened outside of pre-defined hours, warning that something is wrong even when locks have failed.

The Challenge

  • Warn farmers about intrusion into fields and buildings
  • Low maintenance, “set it and forget it” solution
  • Fill a gap in the Irish market
  • Create a low-cost solution

Cost Effective

Monitoring systems that run on traditional mobile and satellite networks come with high operating fees. VT’s SIGFOX network is nationwide and optimized for devices that send small amounts of data, resulting in much lower operating costs. The system can also automatically notify the end user, cutting out the need for paid monitoring 

Easy to Use

The gate sensor system is easy to use — it comes out of the box fully functional and already connected to the SIGFOX network. All you have to do is attach it to the gate. Once in place, the module requires very little maintenance, as it will lie dormant until activated by an intruder, resulting in a battery life of years, rather than days. It will also notify the user if the battery is low or if it has been tampered with, eliminating the need for regular checks. This is a “set it and forget it” solution for busy Irish farmers.

Nationwide Network & Long Range

Within eight months of launching, VT Networks had expanded its SIGFOX network to cover 97% of Ireland. This makes it ideal for powering devices for rural famers, whose location can pose issues for other connectivity types. 

Secure & Reliable

The gate monitor is discreet and can’t be beaten by the jammers that many other networks and security systems are vulnerable to. It also detects tampering and can’t be removed without triggering an alarm.



The gate monitoring system is a simple, cost-effective solution for farmers. It offers peace of mind by providing early detection of field and building intrusion, and can help protect livestock and equipment from theft — a problem that can devastate a herd that takes years and significant investment to build. Helping farmers prevent livestock theft also protects the traceability of Ireland’s food, which ensures the safety of meat.


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