Remote asset monitoring

Remote monitoring of any asset

Welcome to the leading edge of IoT.

Whether you want to monitor temperature, liquid level, air quality, desk occupancy, energy meters, or even leak detection - we can help. Our solutions enable you to deploy the required sensor you need, or take data from your existing making them work smarter.

As an IoT solutions company we are embedded at the fulcrum of the global IoT ecosystem. We provide our users with the most suitable and compelling solutions for their applications.

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    One location for your entire IoT needs

  • IOT Solutions

    Simple out of the box IoT solutions

  • Data Sources

    Integrating all data sources

  • Cloud Platform

    ISO270001 Cloud platfrom

Digitally transform your assets and operations through IoT

Why VT ?

We are experts. Our solution is deployable on all assets big and small, high value and low value, moving or fixed, across multiple technologies, ensuring our customer’s assets are digitised and automated leading to new value creation.

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Octopus solves your immediate asset management challenges and results in long-term IoT automation and digital transformation.

Octopus is fully cloud based and ISO27001 rated ensuring reliability, scalability and robustness.

Octopus processes, analyses & transforms your data with intuitive visualisation solving your business problems. The raw data is extracted from multiple sources and cloud infrastructures, resulting in automated actions which optimise business processes, reduce costs and create new revenue streams.

Our sales and development teams work very closely with our enterprise clients to customise and fine tune Octopus making it agile, adaptable and responsive to changing needs.