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Securitas Direct renew and extend Sigfox contract to provide IoT connectivity in Spain and Portugal for 15 years

By October 23, 2019Uncategorized

Securitas Direct, the leading home and business connected alarm provider in Europe, have renewed and extended their existing contract for Sigfox connectivity. The organisation currently use Sigfox connectivity as a backup communication system (0G) for over 2 million alarms.

As a result of the new service level agreement between the local Sigfox operator Cellnex and Securitas Direct, there will be a significant investment to increase capacity, robustness and the resilience of the Sigfox network in Spain and Portugal. This investment will also give the network more features, among which are the ability to transmit images, send audio messages and optimize the reception of broadcast messages in motion. As a result, Securitas Direct is expanding and diversifying the type of devices and services that will be connected to the 0G network in the coming years. Securitas has recently launched a security system for the elderly that includes a smart watch with a 45-day battery life communicating on the Sigfox network. More information on the assisted living product can be found at http://proteccionsenior.com/es/comercial/index.html.

For more information on the announcement follow the link below.