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Check out the new Sens’it Discovery!

By May 17, 2018Blog

From connected devices to Smart Cities

At the IoT World conference, held this week in Silicon Valley, Sigfox unveiled its Sens’It Discovery solution which combines a sensor-packed device with a thermometer, hygrometer, light meter, accelerometer, magnetometer and a reed switch.

“With Sens’it, our goal is to demystify IoT and accelerate its adoption by showing how easy anyone, from consumers to developers, can connect anything to the Internet,” says Cédric Giorgi, the director of experience design at Sigfox. “Just attach the device to your door, a bicycle or anything really, and you will start receiving feeds of real-time data coming from the device, via the Sigfox Cloud, on your phone, through email, SMS or push notifications. It’s that easy.”

Priced at €60, Sens’it also comes with a software development kit (SDK) for developers to start building a wide range of IoT applications from home appliances, vending machines, smart metering, asset tracking, supply chain management, logistics and even waste management.

Receive notifications from your Sens’it through social media channels, email, SMS to your mobile phone (up to 50 messages total, limit of 8 per hour) or by logging on to see more detailed and historical data. To charge the battery, just use the micro-USB included with your device.

Its wide range of uses sees the Sens’it as a leader for commercially available smart city devices. The use cases continue to grow as new users login and play with their SDK. Check out our video below for some of the innovative ideas the Sigfox community have used the Sens’it for to date!

Test network coverage in your area or use the it to experiment with the power of SIGFOX and find creative new uses for your Sens’it.

Why Sens’it?

  • The Sens’it, is multi-sensor that communicates through the SIGFOX network.
  • It fits in the palm of your hand
  • Allows you to choose from temperature and humidity, light, motion or movement on its axis using a gyroscope.
  • Use the magnet included with your device to create your own opening detector.
  • The Sens’it button will also send a preset message, either through the social media account of your choice or by SMS to a set mobile number.

The Sens’it is available from the VT-iot site while stocks last.