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Calling all developers: NEW Siguino board being funded on Kickstarter

By December 6, 2017Blog

Scott Tattersall just wanted to make a multi-sensor based on Arduino that would communicate data over Sigfox. That proved to be more complicated than he originally thought…

New Siguino board is an arduino development kit with built-in Sigfox

“It became apparent that there was no simple one-stop solution for makers,” Tattersall said. Approaching things from a software/app developer mindset, ideally, I wanted to simply get the hardware to send the raw sensor data to the cloud where I could build various triggering events on the server to do something with this data. But I couldn’t really find the right hardware for this purpose, since I needed to combine Arduino, low power, sensors and Sigfox all together. There are plenty of options for each of those features individually, but not all in one device.”

Tattersall had to wire various devkits and external antennas to get a prototype running before he even got to the sensors.

“I figured a single board that did all the basics, plus a few basic sensors, that was programmable in the same way as an Arduino Pro Mini and that would last on a single battery for up to a year could be useful for a lot of different projects,” he said.

This experience is what inspired him to create the Siguino, which he is now seeking to fund through a Kickstarter campaign. The aim was to create a single low-power, programmable board based on an Arduino that would send basic sensor information via the Sigfox network to the cloud for further processing. You can read about the journey of creating the Siguino here.

“It took a lot of learning & testing and prototyping to get this device built . . . and now that the device is complete, I realize that if it is to be of any use to anybody else I need to‘productize’it and get it professionally manufactured,”said Tattersall.

The Siguino features:

  • Arduino and Sigfox comms on one board
  • Integrated antenna so it’s a neat device that can communicate immediately with the Sigfox network
  • Integrated sensors on board already (light, temperature, magnetic, movement)
  • Integrated battery so you don’t have to wire one up (most devices need clunky AA battery holders nearby)
  • Programmable in the same way as an Arduino Pro Mini (via FTDI header pins)
  • Ultra-low power by design (hardware designed for low power and default software is extremely low power also, putting all unnecessary components into sleep mode, etc.)
  • Open source: all hardware files and software files are open so it can be easily built on by other developers and makers

Want to learn more? Visit siguino.com or support the Siguino Kickstarter campaign!


Scott Tattlersall is a business owner, entrepreneur and technologist. He has spent the last 15 years working with the latest technologies in his own start-up companies, SMEs and large publicly traded companies. His previous software company, where he was co-founder and CTO, was acquired in 2015. Since then, Tattersall has been working with the latest technologies, such as advanced machine learning, computer vision, IoT (e.g. Arduino, Sigfox) and Crypto-currencies.