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Welcome to the leading edge of Supply Chain and Postal technology. Whether tracking, visualising, managing or automating your supply chain assets, VT has the technology and cloud solution for you. Our solutions enable you to transform your operations and gain much needed efficiencies and/or create new revenue opportunities and are already in use by enterprise Supply Chains and Postal Service Providers. We are helping our customers digitalise their assets to solve major operational challenges and also enabling a pioneering and reliable commercial solution for real time item/package tracking.

Octopus is highly customised to your needs and provides insights based on the indicators relevant to your operations.
This includes metrics such as:
- Assets inside/outside the known network
- Fluid Assets
- Static Assets
- Assets available for collection
- Assets at unfriendly locations

- Has the intelligence to report on a per depot/per location basis
- Determines which locations are performing poorly and prompts resolutions
- Gives insights as to which locations hoard or leak assets
- Enables automated management and communication with individual
locations and the relevant depots

Octopus visualises the movement patterns and journeys of assets revealing their nature. Potential improvements in collection/turnaround times or journey amalgamations can be identified and implemented.

By solving the common challenges of loss, leakage and inefficiency, Octopus transforms the supply chain into an automated and digital asset network. Any issues or problem areas are automatically communicated to the relevant fleet or depot mangers meaning problematic assets are reclaimed resulting in an efficient and productive fleet.

Drive efficiency, profitability
and growth

Transform your Supply Chain

Our solution is deployable on all assets large and small, high and low value, moving or fixed. Our tags digitise and visualise assets wherever they are, allowing for an automated supply chain.

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Octopus solves your immediate asset management challenges and results in long-term IoT automation and digital transformation.

Octopus is fully cloud based and ISO27001 rated ensuring reliability, scalability and robustness.

Octopus processes, analyses & transforms your data with intuitive visualisation solving your business problems. The raw data is extracted from multiple sources and cloud infrastructures, resulting in automated actions which optimise business processes, reduce costs and create new revenue streams.

Our sales and development teams work very closely with our enterprise clients to customise and fine tune Octopus making it agile, adaptable and responsive to changing needs.

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Digitally transform your assets and operations with IoT

Why VT?

As experts in digital transformation, we provide versatile and customisable solutions using the most suitable of a range leading edge technologies. We listen to our customer’s needs and tailor our solution accordingly resulting in optimum efficiency, productivity and growth.

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